What Is Education Support?

education support

Education support is a broad term that encompasses a variety of strategies for helping students learn. It can include tutoring sessions, supplemental courses, vacation-break learning programs, and teacher mentors.

Schools may also create support programs that target specific student groups or behaviors. These are often recommended as Related Services on a student’s IEP.

Education Support Professional (ESP) Award

Education support professionals keep schools running and students safe, healthy, and ready to learn. They are critical members of the public school workforce, working in a variety of jobs including clerical services, food services, custodial and maintenance services, transportation, skilled trades, security, and student services.

The ESP of the Year Award is an opportunity to recognize one outstanding member for the invaluable contribution they make to their workplace and communities. Winners serve as ambassadors for ESP members across the country, promoting the value of ESPs at local, state, and national events.

Nominations are judged on five criteria, including professional achievement and impact, union and community involvement, and enhancing the image of ESPs. The selection committee also favors nominees who are highly involved in their local association and NEA. For example, they may be a leader in their elected position and/or volunteer for Vermont-NEA or NEA. They should also be a good employee with a strong record of professionalism.

Missouri ESPs

ESPs (also known as paraprofessionals, teacher’s assistants, and classroom assistants) are critical members of school communities. They meet stringent education requirements and spend the most time directly with students, yet they often feel undervalued and underpaid. In addition, they are often the first line of contact during social times, such as the ride to and from school, lunch and recess, and in between classes.

This research suggests that ESPs need more mental and physical health and SEL support from their schools and districts. This includes efforts to prioritize their well-being, provide a safe work environment, and recognize them as a professional member of the community.

ESP Solutions Group has also taken its years of product development experience to develop an app for the iPhone and Android called EdTechTerms, a free tool with thousands of definitions and metadata from standards such as CEDS and Ed-Fi. It can be used in a variety of educational settings and is available in the Apple and Google Play apps stores.

Nevada ESPs

A Nevada ESP can play a critical role in student success. However, their impact is even greater when they are supported by clear expectations and meaningful professional development opportunities. ESPs can also serve as a positive influence in their communities. In the midst of budget cuts, it is important for ESPs to remain dedicated to their work.

ESPs can use their skills to support students with special needs. They can help develop Individualized Education Programs, and implement instructional supports for learners with disabilities. They can also utilize universal design principals to make lessons more accessible for all learners. They can also collaborate with stakeholders and apply communication strategies to improve the learning environment.

ESPs need to be paid a living wage. They need to have access to quality healthcare and a fair retirement. They also need to be able to advocate for their students and their profession. They need to be able to participate in school governance, including being elected trustees. This will help address the inequality that exists in our state.

Paper’s ESS

A reliable educational support system is an essential tool for students. It can be used to help students with their homework, research projects, and essays. It also helps to build confidence in their academic journey. Paper’s ESS allows students to connect with expert tutors 24/7 to get the help they need.

The Technopolis report also found that the ESS is well known as an academic resource and that it performs well in bibliometric analysis. Its data are often used in materials developed for teaching survey methodology and quantitative data analysis, and the study of trends.

ESS alternative test proctoring is a service that requires an individualized, interactive and ongoing process between faculty and ESS staff. If a student’s exam dates change, the professor must contact the ESS office via email or phone. This is necessary to maintain test integrity and avoid disrupting the class schedule. Students are required to leave personal items outside of the testing area, and scratch paper is permitted only if authorized by the professor.

What Is Education Support?
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