Education Support For Families

education support

Education support includes a range of resources that help families with children. These may include counseling, family-planning, day care assistance, clothing, school supplies, tutoring and academic advising.

Founded in 1877, Education Support is a UK charity that supports teachers, trainees, serving and retired professionals. Its services also extend to those in further and higher education.

Attend School Board Meetings

Civic duty doesn’t just mean paying taxes, voting and completing jury duty; it also means showing up at important civic meetings like school board elections or meetings. Attending a school board meeting is one of the most powerful forms of activism because it allows you to have direct access to a governing body and impact meaningful change.

School boards are elected by their communities, so getting to know the people who represent you can help you recognize which ones vote in line with your values and concerns. Attending school board meetings gives you the opportunity to observe the decision-making process and voice your opinion during public comment periods.

School board members can make decisions about the budget, academic calendars, disciplinary procedures for students and more. The only limit to attending a school board meeting is the restrictions of the district’s policies and laws. For example, some districts may require attendees to register in advance or show identification before allowing them to enter the meeting.

Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

The goal of a parent-teacher conference is to discuss how students are doing in school and what parents can do to help. Meetings are typically held in the fall and spring, but can be requested at any time.

Teachers should be prepared to answer questions and show examples of classwork, homework assignments and tests or quizzes at these meetings. They should also be willing to give parents accurate assessments of their children’s academic progress and social growth. This may include delivering bad news, which can be difficult.

Parents should prepare for conferences by checking the teacher’s website or contacting her ahead of time to set up an appointment, and by tracking their child’s academic performance throughout the year. The teacher should also send home a conference schedule and meeting agenda for the event. She should also provide copies of materials for parents and a contact number to reach her after the meeting. This helps ensure that all issues are addressed.

Keep Your Kids Healthy

As students and teachers prepare to return to school, it’s important for kids and teens to stay healthy throughout the term. Regular hand-washing, avoiding sharing water bottles or food, getting enough sleep and staying current with vaccines are all ways to keep your children safe from illness and infection this school year.

Education support staff, also known as paraeducators, make up the backbone of every school system. From classroom assistants and cafeteria workers to custodians, bus drivers and secretaries, their hard work is vital for student success. MSEA is proud to represent these dedicated employees and their fight for decent wages, working conditions, fair benefits and respect for their invaluable contributions.

Schools in the CSI and ATSI support models can participate in NYSED-organized Supplemental Support programs, which are designed to help schools implement and strengthen their internal continuous improvement efforts and systems. These programs are optional for all eligible schools. For more information, click here.

Education Support For Families
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