TRI Lesson Guide

TRI Lesson Guide with Videos

TRI Teachers work with their struggling readers intensively for about 15 minutes everyday, initially one-on-one and eventually in very small groups. TRI teachers use diagnostic, evidence-based reading strategies, which they refine each day to meet the needs of their struggling readers.

Re-Reading for Fluency

Interactive reading aloud by the child for the purpose of practicing fluency strategies.

Word Work

Multi-sensory strategies for manipulating, saying, and writing words and individual sounds in words.

Guided Oral Reading

Interactive reading aloud to, with, or by the child that happens from the very first lesson and grows in time to be the most important element of the TRI.

TRI Extensions

Activities throughout the rest of the school day that increase the student's exposure to print at a more fine-tuned instructional match.

The TRI helps teachers:

  • Acquire essential knowledge of early reading development and efficient instructional strategies
  • Develop skills in matching instruction to informal assessment, and
  • Apply their learning particularly for the benefit of struggling readers.

Identifying the Most Pressing Need

Watch how other teachers target instructional match in each interaction for a variety of learners.