Word Work

During Word Work, a teacher will guide his/her student through multi-sensory activities for manipulating, saying, and writing words and individual sounds in words.

How do these lessons compare to traditional word study?

The TRI Word Work strategies:

  • integrate multiple early reading skills in each strategy, rather than breaking skills into isolated lessons
  • incorporate early sound-symbol and phonemic awareness instruction, always within the context of words
  • employ multi-sensory student actions with an emphasis on letter sounds rather than letter names, which more efficiently supports decoding development
  • support the teacher's continual feedback, responding to each student's responses to fine-tune the instructional match

Pink Strategies

Using mostly 3-sound words with short vowels

Blue Strategies

Using mostly 4- & 5-sound words with short vowels

Green Strategies

Focused on one advanced phonics sound at a time

Purple Strategies

Chunking multisyllable words for reading & spelling