Oral language knowledge of word meanings

Common Indicators

How do I know if building Vocabulary knowledge is my student's most pressing need?

  • Child can recognize words fairly accurately, but word meanings or background knowledge continually impede his/her comprehension of the text.
  • Child repeatedly cannot decode words that typically-developing, native-English speakers could decode because the words are not in his/her oral vocabulary (often the case with English-Language Learners).

Relevant Strategies

Which TRI strategies most efficiently target a student's Vocabulary needs?

  • Guided Oral Reading, especially thematic texts
  • Using the TRI Picture Dictionary during Word Work
  • TRI Extensions that target Vocabulary, e.g.,
    • Building a word web of the words discussed during Guided Oral Reading
    • Reading a book on the same theme
    • Listening along to the text on tape/CD/computer
    • Playing a vocabulary game on the computer, such as Free Rice or Word Girl
  • Re-Reading for Fluency, with special focus on learning the meanings of the target vocabulary