TRI Publications

A diagnostic teaching intervention for classroom teachers: Helping struggling readers in early elementary school

An article focusing on the use of classroom teachers to prevent reading disabilities in Learning Disabilities Research & Practice (2010).

Associations between teacher–child relationships and children’s writing in kindergarten and first grade

An article examining the relationship between the quality of teacher-child relationships and children's writing quality in Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2013).

Development of student-teacher relationships in rural early elementary classrooms

An article that discusses the relationship between rural students and their teachers in Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2013).

Targeted Reading Intervention: A coaching model to help classroom teachers with struggling readers

An article examining the effectiveness of the TRI in helping young struggling readers in Learning Disability Quarterly (2012).

Teaching struggling readers in the classroom

An article providing a brief overview of the TRI in Better: Evidence-based Education, pages 6-7 (2011).

The effectiveness of a technologically facilitated classroom-based early reading intervention

An article examining the effectiveness of the TRI’s classroom-teacher-delivered reading intervention for struggling readers in The Elementary School Journal (2011).

Webcam-Coaching for Professional Development

An article providing a brief overview of the webcam-delivery approach to coaching in the TRI in Academic Exchange Quarterly (2010).

web cam model