Pink Strategies

Pink level strategies and texts utilize mostly 3-sound words using only short vowels, such as

  • did
  • fun
  • chat

Many TRI teachers will have a student for whom they mostly limit Word Work activities and Guided Oral Reading texts to Pink level words. During this brief instructional window, the mostly controlled word choices help the student more rapidly crack the code. Specifically, at the Pink Level, a student will:

For Guided Oral Reading, TRI teachers select Pink-friendly texts among

  • mostly decodable texts such as's Zac the Rat
  • predictable texts, such as The Cat on the Mat
  • more natural texts, such as I Like to Win!

Below are typical Word Work strategies that can be used at the Pink level:

Segmenting Words

A multi-sensory beginning-decoding activity

Change One Sound

An essential, fun Word Work game that helps students develop phonemic decoding precision

Read, Write, & Say

Children love using the dry erase board to read, write, and say words and sounds

Pocket Phrases

A motivating sight word knowledge lesson that kids stick in their pockets