Understanding the written text

Common Indicators

How do I know if Comprehension is my student's most pressing need?

  • Child does not understand a grade€“level text even if you read it aloud to her.

Relevant Strategies

Which strategies most efficiently target a student's Comprehension needs?

  • Guided Oral Reading, with particular focus on strategy instruction for comprehension, such as retelling and making personal connections
  • TRI Extensions that target Comprehension, e.g.,
    • Acting out the story for a peer or another adult
    • Completing a story web or a Before, During, and After chard, etc
    • Telling a peer or another adult what he/she liked about the passage or what he/she learned from the text
  • Re-Reading for Fluency, with special focus on gaining a better understanding of the text 
  • Re-Reading as a TRI Extension