More Sophisticated Word ID Strategies


  • Ability of child to read Multisyllable Words, or
  • Ability of child to see chunks in words, such as "ent" and to see affixes, such as "pre" and "tion"

Common Indicators

How do I know if learning more sophisticated Word ID strategies is my student's most pressing need?

  • Child can decode phonemically 3- and 4-sound words and is having early success learning advanced phonics knowledge

Relevant Strategies

Which TRI strategies most efficiently target a student's need to learn more sophisticated Word ID Strategies?

  • Segmenting Multisyllable Words: Introducing Multisyllable Words
  • Read, Write, & Say with Multisyllable Words
  • Spelling Multisyllable Words
  • Guided Oral Reading with Purple-friendly text

Click to the Purple Level Strategies for more information, including videos, about how to ensure your student efficiently begins decoding multisyllable words.